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Green Book

This film is a winner in so many ways. The story is gripping, the action is fast, the story is true and educational. There is plenty of real humour, characters are developed and convincingly acted. This film has been awarded so award yourself by coming to see this rewarding film - it has so much to give.

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PosterA film that may never be shown (watch this space). It's very interesting and different and is Open Source and the present version has been partially re-edited by yours truly to restore a part excluded from the original cut and to make the audio discernable in crucial sequence. In fact the sound quality is the main defect of the film (even the leading actor complains view clip). Some of the changes from the book (in German) to the film were inevitable but some are incongruous and sit badly with the original material. The book is in German, the actors are Polish and the venue is Sweden but that adds to the fun! Rafal Fudalej is a fine sensitive and charismatic actor and Matylda Baczynska as the leading lady adds a little charm but the quality of the cast is uneven. The story is however different and interesting. Look for copies of Rafal's other films especially those with English subtitles (not always advertised).

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