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This website is not funded by or run by The Lynton Cinema Limited. The output from the pseudo-booking service is passed to Lynton Cinema and is added to and integrated with the  booking requests received by Lynton Cinema itself.  In other words acts as an independent agency. Neither The cinema nor maintain a full-time professional staff and so are unable to run a true guaranteed seat booking system. However, this website's seating requests are monitored for availability both manually and automically and when there is intelligence that capacity for a showing has been reached that show will be removed from availability either by the system or manually. Please speak to the cinema direct for same day requests or when you have any any reason to think bookings may be heavy. is a website provided by the advertisers which, like this website, provides details of present and future film showings.However, it does include content over which the cinema has no control and cannot be used for bookings, making contact with the cinema or show special items.